Introducing the Virtual President of the United States


Blog posts two days in a row?  Yep.  ‘Cuz that’s how I roll.

I want to draw your attention to someone who has been gaining a lot of attention lately, and who fascinates me with every word that comes out of his mouth.  Bill Whittle is a conservative pundit who spends his days standing up for American values, and inspiring others to do the same.  He works with PJTV and Declaration Entertainment, and stars in productions called “Afterburner” and “Firewall,” where he comments on current events, politics, and much more.  He also has begun doing videos he calls, “The Stratosphere Lounge,” where he answers questions on any subject, put to him by his Facebook followers.

His newest, and most incredible, venture is his “Virtual Presidency” campaign.  After Obama was reelected, Bill decided to act as Virtual President to show America what a REAL conservative would be like as president.  For every speech Obama gives, every SOTU address, every question he answers, Bill will give the same speech, the same address, answer the same question…but he will do it as a patriotic conservative.

This man is smart, talented, fearless, and hilarious.  I would HIGHLY recommend watching some of his stuff.

You can watch his Virtual Inaugural address here:

Keep an eye out for his Virtual Presidency stuff; it should be a great thing to follow (you know I will be)!

Also, if you want to see some of his other stuff, look up his Firewalls, such as “That Looks Bad,” and his Afterburners, like “Follow the Ideology.”

My favorite Bill Whittle quote:  “Every great civilization in history has collapsed.  And no civilization in history, ever once, has ever won that final battle which is the battle against itself.  It’s never happened.  Not once.  Never.  Of course, no other civilization ever put footprints on the frickin’ moon either.”

I hope you come to like and respect him as much as I do.  Enjoy!



About theophilus929

I am a teenage girl with opinions, and I like to voice them. I believe in a Biblical God, and that gives me very different views than most people out there. When something catches my attention, I blog about it! Hope you enjoy, and share with your friends!
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