Had enough of…what, exactly?


Bumper stickers are a great source of blog post ideas.  Some bumper stickers can be hilarious, and some can just really tick you off.  I saw one of the latter the other day on my way to work.  I live in a generally conservative state, by God’s grace, but still run across the more-than-occasional radical liberal.  I saw a car the other day that was littered with liberal bumper stickers.  There were at least 4 Obama/Biden stickers, but there was one other that really caught my attention.  It said, “Had enough?  Vote Democrat.”  At first, I shrugged it off as another unoriginal liberal slogan…but then I thought deeper into the question.  “Had enough of…what, exactly?”  Obviously, it was referring to conservative ideas.  “Which conservative ideas?”  Free markets?  Capitalism?  Liberty?  

This is one of the funny things about liberals.  They tend to lean more towards socialism than capitalism.  However, these liberals have grown up, and made their livings, in a capitalist society.  They are, in essence, feasting off of capitalism, while working to destroy it.  Make sense?  No.  Liberals tend to do that.

However, this would be perfectly justifiable if socialism really was superior to capitalism.  But is it?

Cuba is a “socialist republic” about 90 miles off the coast of America.  Dictator Raul Castro forbids citizens to speak out against his regime, often threatening the lives of those who choose to disobey him.  Many Cubans are willing to do anything to escape this anti-freedom country.  America provides hope for these people.  In 2011, over 36,000 Cubans immigrated to America.  Some of these people even resorted to building homemade boats and rafts to carry their families to America.  They were determined to do anything to get away from socialism, and experience the joy and freedom of living in a capitalist society, even if it meant losing their lives on the way.

Like I said, in 2011, over 36,000 Cubans immigrated to America.  However, can you guess how many Americans risked their lives floating on rafts immigrating to Cuba?  NONE.  Not a single one.  Why?  Because what American, in their right mind, would move to Cuba?  Who would leave this phenomenal capitalist nation to move to a socialist dictatorship?  NO ONE.  We understand what is to be free; to wake up in the morning, and know that there are endless possibilities for success.  Most people have never experienced that feeling.

So why do liberals want a socialist nation?  Because they have been trained to think that they can do whatever they want without consequences.  They think they deserve to be able to have whatever they want without working for it; that the government has the duty to take care of everyone.  However, “ignorant,” “evil,” “unfeeling” conservatives, like me, know better.  We understand that there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.  We understand that you have to WORK for things.  We don’t want the government in our lives telling us what to do.  We don’t want the government taking our hard-earned money and resources to give to people who are too lazy to work for themselves.  Now, we don’t like seeing people go hungry any more than the next guy, but we know that it isn’t the government’s job to help those people; it’s the job of We The People.  

Socialism is a popular idea in America, but its advocates haven’t thought it through.  Cuba is a living example of what happens when the government is given too much power over the people.  If we don’t want America to turn out like Cuba, we need to get rid of this ridiculous idea of socialism.  We need to show liberals that their money and success in this country is due to capitalism.  The very reason they are allowed to speak out against capitalism is because of capitalism!  If they lived in a truly socialist country, like Cuba, they wouldn’t be able to speak their minds.

I, for one, have not had NEARLY “enough” of capitalism.



About theophilus929

I am a teenage girl with opinions, and I like to voice them. I believe in a Biblical God, and that gives me very different views than most people out there. When something catches my attention, I blog about it! Hope you enjoy, and share with your friends!
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One Response to Had enough of…what, exactly?

  1. Your Mom says:

    I would venture to guess that most patriotic, politically liberal Americans think that capitalism is a joke because they see it as benefiting only the rich. It seems unfair. And I might agree with them, if I thought what they were seeing as “the harsh reality of capitalism” really WAS capitalism. But what they’re seeing is CRONY capitalism. This is when powerful, rich people influence govt. officials to make laws and create regulations that benefit THEIR interests, at the expense of their competitors. For instance, when has any regulation benefiting the cable companies actually benefited their customers? Or the banks? These crony capitalists use their money to get government to CHOOSE SIDES. “Make a regulation that benefits me, and hurts my competitors.” In a truly FREE MARKET, govt stays out of the way, restricting itself only to those requirements enumerated in the Constitution (I know, I’m a dreamer!). EVERY time govt makes a law or regulation (these are the worst, because they are made by people not accountable to We The People), there are “unforeseen consequences.” Less govt and REAL Capitalism (not crony, you- wash-my-back-I’ll-wash-yours mercantilism) would result in greater freedom and more EQUALITY among US citizens.

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