Before you hurt yourself trying to get the word “Theophilus” out of your mouth, let me explain.  In Greek, the word means “lover of God.”  In the Bible, Luke addressed his books to someone he called Theophilus.  There has been discussion about whether Theophilus was a real person, or whether it was just the name Luke used to reference all Christians.  Either way, the name has always had great meaning to me.  That’s what I am.  I am a “lover of God.”  Hence the blog title.

I have always been a little outspoken.  This fact can be clearly seen by the 235338547 Facebook posts I make each day.  I am a proud Facebook-ranter.  Sometimes this characteristic gets me in trouble.  After a few somewhat-heated discussions, I decided to shut up and let the world go without my knowing my opinions.  However, there has always been a little voice inside me whispering “enlighten the world with your wisdom.”  Therefore, I decided to start a blog.

If this is ever going to work, there are a few things you need to know about me:

As you probably haven’t noticed, I am fluent in sarcasm.  It’s my love language.  Or spirtual gift.  Or something.

As I stated earlier, I am a lover of God (a Christian, if you will).  I have been shown unending love, grace, and mercy, and I want to show others those same things.  My goal in life is to bring other people to God, and do my part in expanding the kingdom.  I am by no means perfect, if I were, why would I need God?  Jesus isn’t a crutch, He doesn’t help me escape from life.  Instead, He plunges me straight into the world.  I strive every day to become more like Him, and show (through my thoughts, words, and actions) who He really is.  I know that might not sit right with some people, but please stick around and give me a chance to win you over.

I am a conservative.  Hold on, put down your pitch forks and torches.  I believe in small government, free enterprise, capitalism, freedom, preserving and following the Constitution, doing what you have agreed to do, not encroaching on others or their property, and not spending more money than you take in.  I know, I’m a radical.

I am a teenage, female, homeschooled American.  I like to ride my horse, play my guitar, hang out with my friends, read good books, watch good movies, and spend time with my family.

My blog posts may include (but are not limited to) politics, religion, worldview, school, love, marraige, dating/courting, current events, past events, and just whatever I find interesting.  I hope that this blog will be entertaining and interesting.  I am, by no means, unbiased, but I will always try to be respectful and sensitive.  I will strive to persuade, not offend.

Thanks for taking the time to read my first blog post, and may you stick around for many more.



About theophilus929

I am a teenage girl with opinions, and I like to voice them. I believe in a Biblical God, and that gives me very different views than most people out there. When something catches my attention, I blog about it! Hope you enjoy, and share with your friends!
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7 Responses to Introduction

  1. Your Mom says:

    Who are you and where did you come from? I look forward to following your blog with great interest.

  2. aunt chris says:

    Fantastic entry into the world of blogging–congratulations! A great match for your talents and bursting-at-the-seams energy.

  3. Great entry–
    Looking forward to reading more.

  4. Jessica says:

    Can’t wait to read more 🙂

  5. Mrs. Reade says:

    Love your blog!

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